Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What the hell?

Why is it that there are so many people out there that give me the look just because I am with an black American. Yes I am with a MAN! A wonderful, loving and caring man. He loves me from all his heart. More than anyone else ever has loved me. We'll get married, it is our life, not yours so let us be.
We are not any different from any other couple. We love and care for each other his skin has a different color. What a big deal. He is human, has red blood, breaths the same air, he has to eat, sleep and drink to live. He works for a living. Protects YOU and me. So what? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? Don't you think I feel you staring at us when we walk down the road? Yes, he is black, and I am white. GET THE HELL OVER IT!



Gina said...

I too am in a bi-racial marriage. We have two bi-racial sons who are beautiful. Just know that it is their loss, not yours, for anyone who has a problem with you because of your interracial family. My husband also happens to be in the army. He was critically wounded in Iraq a little over a year ago. We are getting ready for a med board next month. Good luck with your marriage and don't pay any attention to the looks.

Sandra said...

Thank you Gina. Good luck to you too. I hope that your husband fully recovers from his wounds.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they are just jealous.... dont take it too seriously. People will always look at you.