How to Ship your Pet

From Germany to the United States 

Moving with the military isn't easy, moving with the military and pets, is even harder.
We brought four dogs with us. My husband took Yukon, I took Indra and Zenzy and Judge is being shipped via a freight carrier.
Most people don't plan ahead and wait until the last minute to find out what the regulations and how much money is involved to ship the pets.So your best bet is to start planning ahead early. Shipping your pet is not cheap, so you have to plan ahead. With the military it's only a matter of time that you go overseas so I recommend a savings account, save up money and don't touch it!

There are two options you have:
  • you take them as extended baggage which is the cheapest way
  • you ship them via a freight carrier like Gradlyn or Pet Air

Also, there are regulations and you have to prepare yourself and your pet for the trip. The regulations depend on the country you are going to. Going from Germany to the US is pretty easy. All it takes is a rabies shot older than 30 days but not exceeding one year as well as a health certificate that is not older than ten days and the right kennel size. 

A freight carrier can provide you with the right kennel and even pick up your pet, which will raise the cost of shipping though.

All you need to do is to do the research ahead of time. Call the Airline you are going with and get a quote for the flight. I've been calling a year before we had orders just to find out what was the cheapest way to ship the dogs and to plan ahead. We all know we are moving, do your homework and don't wait until the last day just to find out that you can't afford it and then get rid of your pet.

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Britany Holmes said...

Well I’ts not easy to import some animals like that because you need to have complete and legal documents to assure that it was a property of you.

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