Thursday, August 27, 2009

Am I the only one having thoughts like that?

I walked Yukon when my neighbor showed up. She walked her big ass white German Sheperd. Yukon is a big boy for a German Sheperd but that dog is even bigger and he didn't stop growing yet. However, we were standing there talking when all of a sudden: "BooOOOooM!" we heard some explosion (it wasn't a big explosion, I don't know if it was the tire or the engine). I smelled burned plastic and was like "What is going on?"
We looked around the corner and saw a big cloak of smoke comming from a bus right outside the housing area. It was literally right in front of the fence and we looked at each other and were like "Oooh Jeeez..."

You know, stuff like that scares me. I am not a person that easily panics but with all the commercials on AFN, with all the stuff going on and all the stories about IED's and cars exploding in the middle of a crowd there is always that little man in the back of my head whispering "What if..." "What if it is just a red herring..."
I know, I shouldn't have those thoughts because we are in Germany but somehow all that stuff starts to sink in and it's spreading like cancer. I hate these commercials. I hate, hate, hate them because you start looking at things differently and I don't want that. Everytime somebody walks into a store and leaves a suitcase outside it is like "Oh my god... what if...", everytime there is a group of not so german looking people walking by outside the fence it is like "Oh my god, what if.."

Sounds paranoid, huh? Sometimes I wonder if they really want us to be paranoid. Do they really want us to look at things like that as a possible threat? To they want us to live in fear and panic each time we see something that shouldn't be there? I never really looked at things like that. If there was a suitcase standing outside a store I was like "Uhu, that person didn't want to take it in because it's to big and to much of a hassle to take it inside." and now I am like "Jeeez, somebody wants to kill us all. It's a bomb, RUUUUN!" (not really like that but you get the idea.)

Somebody please kick my ass and slap me in the face for having thoughts like that.


satakieli said...

It was a bus wasn't it? It was like nearly right outside my apartment and all of our windows were open so the house got full of horrible smoke!

At least my son was excited because he got to see the fire trucks!

satakieli said...

Oh I wanted to add, I NEVER watch AFN because I can't stand how paranoid those commercials make me.

Nelly said...

Yeah it was a bus and right outside the fence. Hey, if you live there that means we are neighbors.

I hate those commercials so I mainly watch TNT, AXN or Zone Reality LOL.

satakieli said...

I live right on the end of the housing near to the entrance. We could see the bus from our bedroom window. I may have seen you walking your dog up here before.

I just watch the BBC and Channel 5 so that I can get my fix of the British shows I miss from home!

Joy said...

Ugh, how stressful!

Stopping by to welcome you to the SITS community. :o)

The Mom @ Babes in Hairland said...

Not a cool thing to experience. I'm sorry. I spent 18 months in Deutschland and I'd have to say I felt totally safe & everything until May Day! Popping by from SITS to welcome you aboard.

JaelCustomDesigns said...

*Popping in from SITS

Welcome, just stopping by to show some SITS Love!