Saturday, January 3, 2009

He never ceases to amaze me

I wonder if I really deserve him. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed with emotions that I don't know what to say. I just look at him with a smile on my face and wonder if this is a dream or reality. He makes me so incredibly happy that it is hard to put it into words.

It's those little gestures and things that makes him so wonderful. He is one in a million. For example, 15 minutes ago he said that he's hungry and if I want some Ramen noodles too. He wanted to put some in the microwave and cook his in a pot because it would go faster that way (cute isn't it). I told him that it probably isn't faster and that I am fine with him preparing his in a microwave because I'd just get mine after he fixed his. He then said "Yeah but it makes me feel awkward if you don't get yours first." and that is not the only thing. He always opens the door for me. It doesn't matter where we are at, he opens the door even if he is fully loaded with groceries. Speaking of groceries, he always makes sure that I never carry the heavy stuff. Sometimes I pick up the heavy stuff automatically and he is like "Hon, why do you insist to carry the heavy stuff?"... and I LOVE IT! Some radical feminists may think that I am not independent enough to do that myself. Boooh-frickin-hoooh... I don't care. Honestly? In my opinion I am emancipated enough to let him do all that.

He is one of the very few gentleman left on this planet and he never ceases to amaze me because he does all these little things to show me that I am first in his life.


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