Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Fun day...

What a day! Snow, snow and more snow and today of all days I had to drive from one place to another to get the paperwork done. So I went to YYYYYYY to get the family book, XXXXXXX sent me to a suburb of XYZ, the public office sent me downtown XYZ because everything has been centralized. The trip was quite fun...erm...scary... not that I am a scary cat, it's just that there are so many idiots out there. Way too many idiots.

However I safely made it to downtown. Made it to the courthouse got the frickin family book, went back to our town, to the grocery store, got some seasoning and ground beef, met up with Q, cooked some lunch for him, went downtown again, to turn the papers in just to be told that they can't send it out to the district court without his income statement because the the fee he has to pay for the affidavit depends on his income... oh and we need an interpreter. Not just any interpreter... an attested interpreter. That'll cost more than the affidavit and the registration fee all together. We have to get an attested interpreter for the registration and for the ceremony. Jesus Christ... maybe Denmark would have been the better choice after all...I finally understand why so many German/American couples go to Denmark to get married.



Anne said...

Maybe you could have fly to Vegas and get Married and then pay the fee!! LOL!! I don't know... just saying silly stuff! I am french and I flew to the USA in May of 92 was married in August of 92 and did all the paperwork here in the States, so.. It was not as much of a pain as I know if could have been in France! Well specially now with our new president who like to make simple things more complicated!! So good luck with that! ;-)
We are heading your way pretty soon! Are you going to be in Heidelberg for a while?

Nelly said...

Yeah we thought about that too. It is too late now. We plan on getting married the end of January beginning of February. Yup, we'll be staying here for more than one year.