Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A bomb went off!

This is a PET PEEVE of mine.

So we wanted to go to a neighbors house to have breakfast when one of my friends got a call from her husband.


Oooookay... so there went a bomb off. Are you sure it's a terrorist attack? Was it on an Army post? What happened. "JUST STAY IN THE HOUSE!"

First of Viernheim is a good half an hour away. Secondly he said it was on an armypost.

Alright, if it was on an armypost you don't want us to stay on the armypost because that is the most dangerous place to be at. If it was serious and something happened we would know by now and no one would be allowed to go in and out. They'd shut everything down. Right?

So I tried to catch somebody of my family to see if they know anything because they live close to Viernheim and my aunt said that there really did went a bomb off. She heard it on the news but it wasn't on an Army base and it was NOT POLITICAL!.
It was an apartment building. Two bombs went off but it wasn't political and had nothing to do with the army. I know it's bad, I know people are scared but PLEASE STOP CALLING WOLVES IF IT DOESN'T HAVE TO DO WITH THE ARMY!
You are causing panik for no good reason. It already happened with the WWII bomb, now this and once there is really something going on nobody is going to believe you and what than?

I hate when they are freaking everyone out. It's like living in constant fear and what kind of life is that?

Don't you love the drama?


Vesper said...

They love the attention. I guess military life throughout the years can become tediously boring without drama and gossip which equals attention. LOL. If it was a real serious situation, no one would have time to blog about it. They would be fleeing the country by foot. I know I would if there was an army attack. BLEND IN WITH THE NATIVES, LOL.

Anne said...

ooh man!!! and I missed that again??? DARN it!!

Sandra said...

Yep, you've missed it. HAHAH but I am sure there are other things that will entertain us along the way. HAHAHA