Monday, August 10, 2009

Dear So and So...

This is actually the perfect day to start writing some letters...

Dear So and So...

Dear fellow military Family Member and/or Soldier that I met at the Shopping Center,

so yeah they found a bomb at the shopping center. Yes, it was a bomb but it was a WWII bomb. There was no terrorist bomb threat whatsoever so could you please stop spreading rumors and keep that BS to yourself? You scared the hell out of me and lots of other people.

Thanks but no thanks


Dear Menno,

thank you for being the friend you are :)



Dear Car Dealer,

you did a great job and thanks for all the great work you did.


Dear Yukon,

I would appreciate if you'd stop diving in your water bowl. Please stop leaving such a mess and stop doing these weird ugly noises when you clean yourself. (I have to record this one day so you know what I am talking about)

Love you


Yep, Mom in Highheels was right, you do feel much better if you get it off your chest, especially since that one guy scared the hell out of me by telling people that it was a terrorist threat but all they actually found was a WWII bomb. What in the world was he thinking? Plus I can understand her rant about the guy driving behind her. I hate these people. They are a major threat to your and other people's safety!

Go check out the letter thingy. It's awesome.

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Vivienne said...

So just another WWII bomb? Maybe it's also because they're not used to it so much, given they don't have that many bombs on their ground over in the US. Maybe let them know that alone while renovating the Stuttgart soccer stadium they found 18 bombs. It's so common for us, maybe not for them. BTW, some of those WWII bombs could actually still work.
p.s. sandra annedore really sounds better :D