Wednesday, September 2, 2009

€31,90 for a haircut ON POST?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrott

Really? 31,90 frickin EUROS for a haircut ON POST?
I have short hair and all I asked for was to cut the ends. Okay he put a little style into it but to charge more than 30 EUROS on post is ridiculous. I can go off post and find better places that charge half the price (including tax). It pisses me off that us females have to pay in Euros while the guys pay in dollars. It pisses me more off that they have a sign hanging on the wall that says that a Lady Style Haircut is roughly 20 Euros and than they charge me more than 30 Euros.

There is no chart where you can look up the prices. It's only a sign that says that a military haircut is 9 something Dollars, a Lady Basic Haircut 19 something Euros and a Lady Style Haircut is over 20 Euros and than I get the bill and it says 31,90 Euros?

In my book that is misleading people. Especially since it is suppossed to be cheaper for us on post but 31,90 Euros for a simple haircut is way too much. Not speaking of the misleading sign in the waiting area. I want a chart where I can see the the prices for everything and if they charge for the hairspray, foam and wax I want to know how much they charge!

That's an Ice complaint right there. I am not the person that puts in an ICE complaint easily but first the Stylique on MTV messes up my hair and now that? If I am paying so much money for a haircut I want to know what I am paying for so I can decide if I go somewhere else that is cheaper.


satakieli said...


I had mine cut at the Stylique place, the lady did a nice job plusit went from nearly shoulder length to really short and it only cost about 30 euros which I thought was good for how much I had cut off.

I used to go to this cute little shop in England to get mine done for 10 pounds and it was the best! I always try to get my hair cut whenever I'm in England, lol.

Although it's looking like my hair isn't going to be able to last a couple more months!

Sandra said...

Did you go to MTV or the PX? The one on MTV messed up my hair so bad that I had to go off post to get a new haircut and I wasn't the only one. The guy at the shopping center told me that he had two weeks worth of appointments just to straighten out what the lady on MTV messed up and he said that they raised the prices again. So I paid 31,90 Euros at the PX for a haircut.

German places usually differ between long and short hair in price which is kind of stupid too but 31,90 is a little to much. I guess I still think in D-Mark even though I shouldn't.

Vesper said...

Well the one on MTV charged me 51 euros for getting my hair cut and layered. I was furious with that price. I might as well got it colored or something for that price.

Sandra said...

That is way too much. I will look around for a good place that is way cheaper than that and let you know. :)

satakieli said...

I got mine done at the MTV one. I brought her a picture and she copied it just right and I was pleased with it. Well as much as I could be for someone who is not my British hairdresser!

There are ladies around who cut hair though, I know there is one who advertises on the heidelbergyardsales website.

Diana said...

Warum muessen den die Damen mit Euro bezahlen? Wir koennen hier on Base mit Dollar oder Pfund bezahlen. Man muss nur aufpassen, was bzw wie man bezahlt, die sagen einem naemlich nicht, wie die abrechnen.

Sandra said...

Diana, wir koennen auch in Dollar bezahlen aber dann rechnen sie einfach den Euro Preis um und es sind ruckzuck ueber 40 Dollar fuer einen Haarschnitt und das kann es dann auch nicht sein. Vor allem wenn nur die Spitzen geschnitten werden. Und der Hammer ist dann das Schild an der Wand das besagt das die Stylique dann auch noch billiger als die Laeden of Post sind. LOL