Saturday, September 12, 2009

It doesn't make any sense

A friend from Munich is visiting. She's staying for about 90 days and we were told we could get her an installation pass so I don't have to sign her in all the time. So we went to the office only to be told that German friends, no matter where they are from (in Germany) couldn't get an installation pass. They assume that Germans could stay easily off post and the installation pass would only be for people that fly into Germany.

Can you see the logic here? Because I can't.

They told me I could get her one if she'd be my housemaid or cleaning woman or if she'd be underaged (which she's not) and her mother gave me a paper that says I am the care taker of if she'd be flown in from another country but because she's non of these she can't get an installation pass. They said I'd have to sign her in every day.

We went back to our place and talked to one of the Ponds Guards. He said there'd be another option and we are definitely going to check it out on monday.

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