Tuesday, September 15, 2009

PCS'ing - Opportunity or Burden?

I met Anne at the Dog Park today. We've been talking about the Army life in general and that we both noticed something. We noticed that there are so many families out there that never leave housing area. They go to the commissary, px and drive back home. We don't know if they just can't afford it or if they are scared because they don't know the place or if they are just that boring.
However, I am reading a lot of blogs, talk to spouses and they make it sound like PCS'ing is a burden. That being in Germany is a burden. They hate moving around, hate leaving the States and sitting in Germany not knowing what to do all day long. So they get bored and literally hate being here.

Don't get me wrong but... WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMEN?

Do you know how many people have the same opportunity like you have? How many people do EVER leave the United States to get to see Europe. There are literally thousands of people that would happily be in your position.
All you need to do is to get your ass up and go out. Explore the town, area, state and country. Get involved. Use the local transportation system and don't be afraid because you don't speak German.

It is not a burden, it is the chance of a lifetime. Germany is in the middle of Europe and it is so easy to get around. Use your opportunity and visit France, Austria, Croatia, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Lichtenstein, the Netherlands, England, Scottland or Ireland.

There is so much to see. This is where the first American settlers came from and it's not like Europeans can't speak any english. We are not that backwards as some Americans think we are. Hitler is still dead and we do have electricity and running water so go, take the chance, get out and live life to the fulles. It's your chance to go back home with hundreds of pictures and storys to share.

Heck, I am in the same position. We are leaving Germany next year and I have no idea if we are ever going back to Germany (except for the anual visits). How do you think foreign born spouses feel? I am scared too. I don't know what to expect, don't know where we are going, don't know when I can come back to visit my family. I am leaving everything behind, family, friends, literally my whole life to start a new one in the states. It isn't easy to go somewhere new but you know that you are pcs'ing back home to the States at some point. You've got a home when you go back to the States. I don't!

Don't just sit on post. Use the time you have, you may never be able to come back and one day you may regret that you haven't seen anything excpet for your apartment, the bowling alley and theater. So don't be stupid!


Anne said...

I experiment both of those way of living. When I first moved from France to the States, I use to "compare" the French way and the American way. Then after a few months getting annoyed by the American way. I decided to just go with the flow. And what a great experience it has brought. Most of my friends are American who are open minded enough to accept me for who I am. They can't wait to be able to come here and being able to see where I live and what Europe look like. We are planning to travel a lot during their trip here. I would recommend to anyone living outside of their own country to travel, even if you don't have the money to go and do a lot. Go to the local Farmer's market. Enter that huge cathedral that you think look weird. GO!! Enjoy and discover. Who knows. you might actually be able to see something funny, or interesting and after a while you never know you might ENJOY your stay and your experience!

satakieli said...

I don't get it. I adore being here, I'm rarely on post for anything.

I think sometimes some people just like to sit around on their asses and complain about everything, instead of getting out and making something of their lives.

Vesper said...

wow...ok, well, I agree with you gals 100%. Since I have traveled around the world a lot before I ever got married, I understand this feeling. However, you guys need to stop and actually think about these families... Do you have any idea how many military families are in serious debt statistically? With the euro change and all, it's worse her for them.

Or maybe their home life is not all that great with traveling with the family?? Maybe there are young children that would cry the entire time, being in a new place.

Or maybe one of them have a serious, unspoken illness that they don't like to brag about that makes them want to stay home and be off their feet.

Or just maybe maybe these particular people need a helping hand to take them out and show them around and show them that they don't need to fear the foreign world. LOL.

Whatever their problem is, there is a reason for them not going out and about. And Im sure they are not all "[sitting] around on their asses". Shot me for being sentimental and caring for these people, but I've been there. Someone looking at me on my down times would probably think the same thing you guys are thinking. But considering my past travels and the dangerous foreign places I have purposely put myself in, people would have to rethink their logic. And don't forget the children, LOL. How easy do you think it is to travel with toddlers or "brats"? I loved my singleness. I loved my freedom without children. Most people do.

Now I think its wrong if they complain all the time and never get out and about (just would probably lessen their complaining), but like I said before, maybe they need a helping hand???? Not everyone is adventurous and spontaneous as us : )

C N Heidelberg said...

"Hitler is still dead"

...LOVE IT!! :D

But I have to ask because I'm totally clueless: what is PCSing?

Sandra said...

@CN Heidelberg: PCS'ing is where you have to go next. New orders, new place.

@Vesper: I am not talking about people that can't afford it. However, I am talking about those that deliberately talk about it 24/7 of how much they hate being here and of how much better it is in the States. People that don't know of what kind of opportunity they have to see the world. You have these people everywhere and they are not just Americans.

satakieli said...

@Sandra (and Vesper): Sandra, those are the kinds of people I was talking about too. Hell, I don't get out a whole lot anymore for various reasons but I'm not going to deliberately make myself miserable by refusing to have fun where I can, know what I mean?

Kaleena said...

thank you
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I agree 100%! I am a military spouse and I get sick and tired of hearing people complain when they have the opprotunity of a life time to go live overseas with the military! It is an opprotunity to see the world while spending little. I just left Germany and am now living in Japan and I am very blessed to have had the opprotunity to see what it is like living in a different country...its the perfect opprotunity!! I think that people need to stop thinking about the negavite asspects of moving and look at ALL the many woderful positive things!!!