Friday, September 4, 2009

Watching the neighbors kids

My nextdoor neighbor knocked on my door around 2200 and asked if I could watch her kids. She wanted to go out with her husband for a couple of hours and I was like "Sure, not a problem." she said that she could even pay me.

So I had her newborn baby and her little daughter. I don't really know how old she is but she can't be older than 4, that's for sure.

Oh my god, she is such a doll and sweetheart. She talked so much but I couldn't understand 75% of what she was saying because of her thick thick black "I'm from the hood" accent (I really don't know how to say it otherwise).

She says dow instead of dog and I could only guess what else she was saying.

However we somehow managed to talk to each other and mainly played while her parents were gone. Thankfully I have a small teddybear collection so I could give her something to play with.

She drank almost four glasses of cranberry juice. I was like "Dang girl do you always drink so much?" and she looked at me and nodded. She literally killed half a gallon and after her third glas she was like "That nasty juice" and had some more.

Watching her jumping on the couch, laughing, giggling, playing with the dog, making all those funny faces was so great. Oh my gawsh. I am so ready to have a daughter myself but with the whole infertility thing going on that's not going to happen anytime soon.


Diana said...

So Spaet war die kleine Madame noch munter?
Meine Daumen sind gedrueckt das ihr hoffentlich auch bald Nachwuchs haben koennt.

Sandra Annedore said...

Ja, das Maedel hat eine Energie das ist wahnsinn. Ich war total ueberrascht. Zuerst meinte sie das sie sleepy ist und dann springt sie munter auf der Couch rum. :)

Ich hoffe auch das es bald klappt. *sigh*