Monday, September 28, 2009

What's your problem, Lady?

I went out Saturday evening. I decided to go to the Bar. It is close by, I know the owner for two years and knew him before he opened that small bar, I feel safe and it's a good place to hang out.

However, that night my friend Tom and his wife where there too. I knew Tom before he met his wife. Tom introduced me to my husband almost two years ago. The two of them were roommates and Tom retired in Germany, met this wonderful woman and decided to stay in Germany. He was actually born in Germany, lived here for 15 years and than went back to the States with his family and who would have ever thought that he'd decided to stay here. You do a lot for somebody you love. You can see the spark between them, the love in their eyes and I am so happy for him that he finally found the right woman, the woman he wants to get old with.

We ended up to be the last people in that Bar. Will (a dutch guy who also retired from the military in Germany), Tom & his wife and the Bulgarian waitress. So yeah, we all sat together and talked.
"Why is it that all the foreigners end up at one table?" Will asked.
"Because the Germans are potatoes!" the Bulgarian waitress said disgusted and she was serious about her insult.
"So where are you from?" she asked me.
"Germany!" I said and gave her my sweetest honeycoated smile.
"Ooooh..." she gave me the look and somehow I had the feeling that we wouldn't like each other because she kept on going to bitch about Germany, German people and of how bad it is to be here.

So why did she even come here? It was her decision to go to a German University. Nobody forced her to pack up her stuff, move here and study at Heidelberg Univerisity.
Lady, if you really hate it so much to be in Germany, if the German people treat you really that bad than go back to Bulgaria but don't sit there, insult me and my country men, generalizing every single German while smiling into my face by doing it. You knew damn well that I am German and could have asked for my insight, German behavior, culture why Germans do it this or that way. You could have bitched without insulting me. There is a difference to talk about cultural differencies, arguing, discussing and insulting my background. I have no problems to argue and to discuss the differences but what I don't like is when you call every German an asshole, potatoe and idiot. Thats a totally different level. So don't be surprised if I already made my picture and call you ignorant and racist because that's exactly what you are!

Not every German, every Bulgarian, American, British or Dutch is the same. We are all different and just because you ran into some assholes doesn't mean that I am an idiot too. So next time THINK before you open your mouth and splur out racist comments!
I've never seen anyone before that got me so upset that I literally had to leave the table.

And that's what I did. I agreed to disagree and left. Sometimes that is the only thing you can do. You agree to disagree and leave before things get out of hand.


Vesper said...

"Germans are potatoes?" LOL. First of all that doesn't even make sense to me. What a bitch. I have 75% German blood believe it or not. I have family somewhere here, LOL. The driving is kind of scary, but I have actually had a good experience with German natives here. They are very sweet and smile a lot when addressing them. They love kids! And that's enough for me : ) LOL

Sandra said...

Yeah, there are a lot of insults out there related to food. Italians are Spaghettis and Turkish people Döner. Germans are potatoes because we eat a lot of potatoes.
People use it as an insult others use it to make fun of you but she definitely used it as an insult. The tone in her voice and the look in her eyes was enough to know that she didn't mean it the funny kind of way.

75% is a lot of German blood and enough for me to call you "SISTER!" LOL

Anne said...

and French are cheese (or fries or toast....) Don't even bother with her, she is a loser and doesn't need your time of day to think about what she did!! Big L on her forehead!!
Love you, even though you are German!! and you know French and German don't mix well, so that's to tell you something about you!!

Anonymous said...

Potatoes? Here Germans are called Krauts...;-)