Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yukon got attacked

I wanted to cry, scream and kick that dog that attacked Yukon but I knew that wasn't the answer. He didn't get hurt but I am so mad. So very mad.
That dog is castrated but he's aggressive and when he mounted Yukon to push him down I knew something was going to happen. I told the owner that this wasn't good but she simply stood there. I tried to pull Yukon away and that is when the dog jumped on my dog. Yukon defended himself and when he got out I called him back.
Thank god he is well behaved and listens. No matter what situation we are in he always listens.

They looked funny at me because I called my dog when they were playing but I knew that male dogs don't get along that well. What seems playfull to others isn't really playfull to me. I can tell the difference between playing and trying to dominate another male dog.

Anyhow I am glad that Yukon didn't get hurt but one thing is for sure. I will only go there if no other dog is around and if others are coming to let their dogs run I will leave. It is not worth it.


Anonymous said...

Thats awesome that he listens like that. Good thing it wasnt worse.

{Katie Lane} said...

I'm glad he didn't get hurt either. Guess what?! You are featured on TTB today!!