Monday, October 5, 2009

Day of the Open Barn Door

Yesterday my parents participated in the "Open Barn Door".
Anne, two other friends, my two dogs and me went there to have a fun day. It was a full success for my parents but for us it literally ended with a shock.

When I picked up my two dogs... wait a second, did I actually introduce Zenzy to you?
Zenzy is Yukons half sister. They both have the same dad who is Orkan von der Maineiche.
I took Zenzy because I figured that Yukon needs a partner dog. As a puppy Zenzy lost a little bit of her nose. She's so full of energy, has so much temperament, is wild and sneaky... gawsh she's perfect. She's more than perfect she's like my old dog Rekja who happens to be her mother.

So yeah, I took her with me and now I have to decide which one of them is going to be castrated. My dad said Yukon should be castrated because Zenzy has far more potential but than again some other people say that she can't get "gek├Âred" because of her nose, my dad says she can because we have testimony that it isn't a birth defect. All I know is that I have to make a tough decision. I don't want to castrate either one of them but if I don't want an accident to happen one of them has to get it done.

AAAANYHOW!!! Let's get back to yesterday. We were ready to leave and wanted to pick up my two dogs from our very own dog park when Yorkan (Yukons brother. His kennel is on the way to the dog park and you can't get to it without having to walk by) went nuts and literally jumped from one wall to the other. You can't call it wall because it is more like a fence with a roof on top of it. However on one site the fence got loose and he literally pierced his paw and yelled like a child. He was screaming in agony and pain. Anne saw it first and she ran to the Kennel. It's twin kennels and Zenzy used to live in the one next to Yorkans. So she ran into the Kennel, I ran after her tried to loosen the fence more so she could get the paw out but than we realized we couldn't get it out because he pierced it. He was standing on two legs, the paw pierced and screaming. I tried to go into his kennel to calm him down but I couldn't get close enough to him. My dogs were running around in front of the Kennel and it upset him even more. So he was barking at them, screaming in agony, trying to free himself. My friend Alex ran for my parents, my sister stopped by and yelled for mom. Mom yelled at my sister to get my freakin dogs out of the way and to get Dad. Mom went into the Kennel while I was with Anne. Anne held Yorkans paw while I held his collar. So my hand was inbetween the fence and his collar which was a dangerous situation. My mom took a leash to tie his mouth so he couldn't turn around to bite her while she was helding his neck when all of a sudden he tried to free himself again and pulled back and that is when my fingers got squished inbetween the fence and his collar. I was screaming because it hurt so bad. Mom yelled at me in German "GET YOUR HAND OUT, GET YOUR HAND OUT!" and I yelled back IN ENGLISH(!!) "I CAN'T, I CAN'T!!!" ( I have no idea why I yelled back in english, I didn't even think about it which is kind of weird because after all German is my mother tongue)... anyhow, she calmed him down and he relaxed so I got my hand out. Mom leaned on the fence and I pulled while Anne finally got Yorkans paw out of the fence.

And guess what... Yorkan didn't even limp. Once he was out and free he was the same ol' tough Yorkan. Mom put him in Yukons old Kennel that has a paddock in front of it. So he can run in and out as he wishes.

My hands were shaking... Anne was pretty calm while I was upset and a little bit in shock. When we left I had to stop at a gas station to get some cigarettes and I usually don't smoke very often...

All in all it was a fun day and as you can see it NEVER gets boring on a farm...


Vesper said...

Awwww, I wish I could have made it! Sorry for bailing out. I'm sure Anne explained what happened : ) What a time! Good thing everyone's alright : )

I still owe you an evening with tea and chit chat, so give me a call (email) and we'll organize an evening!

Anne said...

I am just so glad that he is OK! And to explain my calm I was trained by my mother who is a nurse so... I can pretty much stay calm in most situation. Well except if i am running away from bloody zombie or something. ;-)

Sandra said...

HAHAHA... you'd probably never believe that my mom was a nurse too but she's definitely not calm and I am so much like her LOL.

I am glad too that he is OK. For a moment I thought he'd rip his paw off the fence. You literally safed the day :)

@Shaunna: You can come another time. It's not a problem but you are right, you owe me an evening with tea and a good chit chat :)