Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buying a House

We decided to buy a house. First we didn't want to buy but with everything that was going on we came to the conclusion that it is the best option for us.

We live on a busy highway, have no fenced in yard, we only rent and I don't want to put money into a fence that we have to take down once we leave. Plus I can stay in Watertown once my husband has to go to his next duty-station and I can stay as long I have to, not having to worry if and when we find a new place with the dogs. To much happened in the past months and I don't want to put any of my dogs  or us through that ever again.

First thing I told our Realtor was "No pre-manufactured homes, no double or single wides, three to four rooms, finished basement, garage and I won't even look at places that don't come with a fenced in yard."

I had already looked online and this place was one of them I put on the list and it was the first one she took me to look at. I fell in love with it from the minute I walked into the house. It even comes with two yards. A huge fenced in front yard and a privacy fenced in backyard. 

Yesterday the  Home Inspector, inspected it and except for some very minor cosmetic things that can easily be fixed with a little paint, it's in a really good condition and we can go on to close the deal.Those are just a couple of pictures and it'll give you an idea what it looks like. I love the colors, that it is bright, not to big, not to small. Just right for a childless couple with a bunch of dogs :)

What I took into consideration is that we might sell or rent it out so I wanted it to be in a quiet neighborhood yet close to the school & hospital. There is a bank close by, hardwarestore, a small mall with a supermarket and bank as well as our Vet in walking distance, yet it's on a dead end road and super quiet. You walk five minutes and you are in the country.


Ponys that eat Rainbows said...

Hey Sandra im you newest follower. That house is super cute! Good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

Love it, and I might be a little jealous, just maybe.

Sandra said...

Thank you Ladies.

I am so happy and seriously can't wait to get into our new home :)

It's the third move ever since we got here BUT it's going to be the last move for a looong time :)

Anonymous said...

hey u thanks for the commentd\s im ur newest follower and excited to read more :) by the way ur house is soo cute, love it

Anonymous said...

Wow this looks just perfect! Totally understandable why you fell in love with it :)

Ice Dragon said...


It is really a nice looking house. I'm glad you found a "real" new home.

I'm looking forward to see your new interior decor ;-).