Friday, October 19, 2012

Welcome Home Ma Deuce!

She didn't just leave me here, did she?
A couple of days ago I was contacted by a friend if I was interested in a little Malinois bitch. The previous owners had two dogs, her and another one. They got into a fight and the little Mal got injured. The previous owner felt that one dog had to be rehomed and it would be easier to place the Mal than the other dogs but she particularly wanted a home that understands working dogs, their drive and overall attitude.

Long story short, Ma Deuce moved in today.
I did think about the possible consequences of owning three bitches. It was a hit or miss and I do think it's a hit. Both Nala and Indra accepted her right away, she has a great temperament, is clear headed and has a great drive.

Since I knew she'd probably be a bit anxious, being left behind by her previous owner I didn't want the other dogs to interfere so she could calm and settle down. With the other two girls, there'd be no way she had settled as fast as she did. 
First she was looking around the house and searching for her previous owner, but then, she eventually calmed down, found one of the marrow bones laying around the house and even fell asleep next to me.

After she had some rest I took her on a walk and it turned out that she is really easy to handle. She doesn't pull, had no issue with passing people or other dogs. It was a pure joy to walk her. She also knows some basic commands. She's got a solid sit, stay and outs toys. She also listens very very well to her name, is completely housebroken, does not counter surf or go through the trash, it was no issue at all to feed her with the other dogs and I had no idea there could be a dog eating slower than Indra.
 Indra is a slow eater, Ma Deuce is even slower, so that was a surprise. 
Anyhow, I did let her into the front yard with the girls, and we've had no issues whatsoever. They ran around, played together and enjoyed that nice, sunny and rather warm October day.

All in all, she fits in very well, so welcome to your new home, Ma Deuce. May this be the beginning of a wonderful relationship between the two of us and may you have a wonderful time within the pack.


Christina LMT said...

Congratulations to Ma Deuce on finding such a wonderful new home! And congrats to you for having a (hopefully) great new dog. :)

Sandra said...

Thank you. She is a lucky catch and her previous owner is awesome. All the paperwork is already transferred over, the vet bill paid in advance. She gave her to me for free. She is an awesome little bitch :)