Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catching up...

What a stressful week... sheeesh... stress, stress and more stress. Internet was down for four days and we've been literally cut off from the rest of the world. It's amazing how important the internet became for the most of us.
Most of the communication is based on e-mails and once you don't have access to the internet it's getting tough to keep up with all the information sent out by ACS or anyone else. Looking up a recipe to bake Argentinian Bread? IMPOSSIBLE without internet...

Isn't it kind of sad that we all relay so much on it? Looking up the movie schedule for TKS Movie Channel, Sky Cinema or whatever Movie Channel you booked with TKS is impossible without internet and it is a small thing. Looking up LEO to translate something, googeling the news or just looking something up for school absolutely impossible without the internet. So yah... what are you going to do without it? Is it really that important?
To me it's not. You simply move on and to be honest it is somewhat relaxing not to have it. You get so much more done without it!
The only thing that pisses me off is that everybody expects you to have access to the internet and sends important & vital information via e-mail instead of giving you a call.

Anyhow, let's move on to another subject. Yukon finally recovered as soon as he got antibiotics but now my parents dogs are very sick including Zenzy and guess who infected them... YUKON!
I still don't understand how the vets on post didn't get it.

I've also had a not so nice experience at Finance and I now officially hate Finance. They literally treated me like crap, like I was nothing, wanted to throw me out of the office and told me to shut up, that we don't have common sense and what not. It was ridiculous and I am still upset over the whole thing. No wonder everybody hates it and from now on I am officially a member of the "We hate Finance" crowd... LOL

Hubby got moved to another Unit. We are still part of the same Battalion just not the same Unit anymore. The funny part is that a day before my husband got moved, the Commander of the old Unit and me had a talk about the FRG. We've discussed fundraiser ideas etc.pp and nobody told me that he was about to get moved. When hubby told me I was like "Oh well... I guess that's it with the FRG."
He looked weird at me and I explained "Because you are in another Unit I can't be the FRG Leader anymore."
The following monday I showed up at the office to talk about the situation and our old Commander told me that she called the new Commander.
Long story short I got new appointment orders and became the FRG Leader of the new unit.

Oh, I've finally learned how to bake. Being persistent finally paid off and I am pretty good in baking bread, German rolls and brownies.
Today I cooked Pinapple-Applesauce and baked Cinamon-Bread. It is so good and I know hubby is going to get a kick out of it.


Eva Gallant said...

I have to admire you as a military wife. Years ago, I was a military wife and hated every minute of it! Not a very good attitude, I know. Luckily, Hubby got a medicual discharge, so it wasn't a long stint.
Cinnamon bread sounds yummy!
Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope you'll come back soon!

Anne said...

so, when you phone doesn't work how are we suppose to contact you? he??? I thought you at least got your email. ;0)

Sandra said...

It is all fixed now. ;)
So there is no problem to contact me at all. :)